How it Works (Top)

Our internal engine takes a group of recipients (Customers), and sends the specified message at the time and date you choose. These campaigns are trackable and flexible, whether it be to an anonymous delivery by phone sms or email, or a confirmation.

Campaigns will deliver a single message, or request an answer. You may also chain messages together to retrieve multiple answers with evaluations made on each answer to help determine the next question, or call termination. Your customers respond, we record the answers until the chain is complete. Once the call has completed, or expired simply come back to the site and view the report or logs depending the type of campaign you have chosen.


  Getting Started (Top)

If you just want to try out the system we offer one time use DEMO packages for this purpose. To begin you will need to register to create an account.

We will send you a confirmation email with a link to activate your account. Once you have activated your account, it's time to add some reminders. Simply go to our Services page , and select the right level of reminders for your needs. Once your transaction is complete you can see how many reminders you have on the My Products page .


  Creating Your Campaign (Top)

Campaigns are the complete data set of your desired message and customers. To view your campaign navigate to the View Campaigns page . Here we will be presented with a drop down box listing your existing campaigns and an option to create a new campaign. If this is your first time, you will need to create a new campaign to begin.

All campaigns will need a type, valid customer, message and title to be sent.

A more in depth look at campaigns can be seen on Manage Confirmations how to page .


  Testing Your Campaign (Top)

Once you have saved the initial draft of your campaign you can begin testing it. A "Test Campaign" button and "Delete Campaign" button will appear. This means your campaign was sufficiently set up to run. Simply click the "Test Campaign" button and your campaign will be sent your listed number or email address accordingly. This allows you to verify your message reads, sounds, or looks as you would like it to before sending it to your customers. You can test before saving your campaign, in case you have a blast type campaign, which defeats the purpose of testing.


  Getting Results (Top)

The results of you campaigns can be viewed on the Campaign Reports page . This allows you to view confirmation type campaigns on a per question or per customer basis by filtering total answers, maximum answers or percentage. More report types will become available by request, granted they are reasonable. This is a let-the-guest-determine-what-they-want approach we hope provides an open line of communication to making your campaign as useful as possible.