We are HIT Contacts

HIT Contacts is a health care focused implementation of the Mercury Messages ubiquitous communications engine. We are IT and health care experts who have ridden the wave of technology to produce top tier services and applications designed with doctors in mind. Mercury Messages Inc. is a corporation headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The Mercury Messages executive staff has spent the last 4 years perfecting a care plan management system using the widest range of communications media. The senior executive team combined has over 45 years of Healthcare IT experience.


Why Work With Us


One size doesn't fit all, and with this in mind our client base is part of the development process with feature requests, improvements, and concepts that allow per client customizations to best fit your needs. We listen to the needs of our providers and doctors to determine which set is best for you.


We have several methods to import contact lists, implement entire EMR systems, or simply implement a calendar to keep track of once paper tablet driven callback lists. We work with Mirth, XML, FTP, other HL7 transport methods, csv, and more to import contact requests to seamlessly integrate or improve the existing management system.

The Mercury engine

The Mercury engine is unique in its use of unstructured self defining database technology housed in the Oracle MySQL open source database. Only a few table index key items are stored in traditional columns in the data base to facilitate access to the information on a timely basis. The use of this metadata base concept allows for great flexibility in the information stored and retrieved. As a result it is rare that modification of the processing code (PHP) and modification of the database schema are necessary.


Introducing the staff and brain trust of Mercury Messages.

Bob Burns,COO

  • -Healthcare IT 1974 With the Cleveland Clinic -42 years
  • -Technology in 1966 with the USAF/NSA -50 years
  • -Customer Service in1982 with Kelsey-Seybold Clinic -34 years
  • -Communications in 1966 with USAFSS -50 years (early baud rate Data Communications and ECSSA and EDA satellite Telemetry)
  • -Data Management in 1976 with the first clinical information data base the CVIR -40 years (Cardio Vascular Information Registry)

Trey Melton,CEO

  • -Over 10 years of server and client side developer experience with a range of technologies including but not limited to web, application development, API's, and communications technology.
  • -Specializes in integrated system architecture, and content management.
  • -Primary focus has been to design, develop and implement lasting technologies along the center line of development.

Marvin Suttles, Director of product development

  • -5 years of web work and application development
  • -Graduated from the university of Phoenix in 2013

Graham Sweeney, Editor in Chief / Publisher

  • -Graduated May of 2004 from The University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  • -Worked for the Oakland News, Shelby Sun Times and Collierville Independent
  • -12 years of experience in journalism


We don't specialize in everything, but we have a few years of experience in everything.

Health Care - 60 Years
Technology - 45 Years
Customer Service - 25 Years
Communications - 10 Years
Data Management - 35 Years